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PostHeaderIcon Ancient Shamanic Technique Gets Results Today

Ancient Shamanic Technique Gets Results Today

shamanic techniqueWe are living in challenging times; perhaps the most challenging in thousands of years. With the problems we are all trying to cope with, many are seeking answers through various spiritual practices that traditionally have offered knowledge and healing from the realms of non-ordinary reality. This spirit realm can provide information and guidance not available through purely logical means.

Shamanism has been practiced for thousands of years, and it can be used now to address the practical problems we all face in our daily lives. Problems like not having enough money to pay our bills, much less save for college or retirement. Problems like finding a new job and career decisions, moving or relocating, and personal relationship issues. Major life changes of marriage, starting a family, and dissolving a relationship can cause anyone to question their judgment and feel powerless. And then there are health conditions that can be challenging or incapacitating. These are the types of situations that all of us deal with constantly. With shamanism, we can know that we are not alone; that help and advice are available for the asking and that we can regain the confidence and the power to control our fortunes and our destinies.

Central to the ancient system of shamanism is the shamanic journey. This is a technique to travel to the spirit world, to meet and work with helping spirits and ask for guidance or healing. Shamanic journeying in and of itself is a fun and enlightening experience. It allows access to other worlds and realities, to knowledge previously hidden and to insights previously unattainable. It is possible to get personal answers from helping spirits through direct revelation, where the journeyer interacts directly with spirits to gain information, guidance and insight. It is extremely empowering to be so proactive in one’s own healing and development. Some of the situations that can be addressed through journeying include:

  • Problem-solving: You want to ask a question about a problem in your own life which you have not been able to resolve through conventional methods. This may involve a career or relationship situation that you find distressing or a decision that must be made.
  • Guidance: You are contemplating a lifestyle change and need to consider aspects you may not have thought of. You will gain insights and be able to set priorities.
  • Personal Growth: You want to determine your mission in this lifetime and ask for confirmation that you are on the right path.
  • Healing: You feel powerless and out of balance and want to re-establish control and harmony. You need to integrate physical, emotional and spiritual healing.
  • Contacting Your Spiritual Helpers: You want to maintain a relationship with your helping spirits so that you can trust the information you receive from them.


In ordinary reality, to empower someone is to give them the authority to do something. In shamanic terms, the concept of empowerment is giving an individual the means to access their own spiritual guidance with the aid of compassionate, helping spirits. Whatever it is you seek, the practice of shamanism gives you the power to fulfill that need for yourself. When you are consistent in your shamanic practice and you have established a relationship with your helping spirits, you can rely on the guidance you are given. The spirits are here to help but only you can effect change in your life by taking back your power and applying it. When you tap into the realm of non-ordinary reality, all answers are available to you.

Let me be clear: shamanism does not take the place of professional help. In fact, it often works best when used in conjunction with modern accepted therapies such as psychotherapy, counseling, hypnotherapy, and medical practice, to name a few. But using the guiding and healing techniques of the shamanic journey can restore balance and harmony to our lives, with peace, serenity and confidence. It re-affirms that we can determine what is best for us and helps us achieve it.

This information is excerpted from Mary Stoffel’s new book The Practical Power of Shamanism: Heal Your Life, Loves and Losses available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Mary’s website For more information contact Mary at 763-444-8146 and

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Shamanic Healing For The Wounded Spirit

eagle2What Is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic healing can help many people in our culture experiencing varying degrees of chronic depression and illness, addiction, dissociation, post-traumatic stress syndrome, or just plain chronic bad luck. Few of us would attribute these symptoms to spiritual imbalance or disharmony caused by traumatic or painful events. Left unresolved, this wounding of our life-force or spirit may lead to mental, emotional, and/or physical illness. I know this from personal experience as my introduction to shamanic healing was literally a life-changing event. As my wounded spirit became whole and vibrant my life reflected a sense of increased harmony and general well-being. Life became worth living again – even better, it became fun and fulfilling, with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to mankind, practiced worldwide for the last 30,000 to 40,000 years. For many, the word “shaman” refers to a spiritual healer, medicine man or spirit doctor capable of accessing secret knowledge and healing powers. Throughout history, shamans have divined information for their community, and served as storytellers, spiritual leaders, counselors and healers. Those in the “shamanic state of consciousness” (SSC) are able to enter into and perceive “nonordinary reality” (NOR) by means of journeying. An important aspect of shamanism is that it provides a very practical means of solving everyday problems.

Modern shamanic practice in our western culture co-exists peacefully with urban life, complex technology and mainstream religion. Basic techniques for seeing and journeying into the spirit world have been quickly learned and adopted by contemporary men and women seeking ways to reconnect with personal helping spirits in the form of animal or human teachers. These techniques illustrate that the core shamanic experience is really simple, timeless, and universal.

Shamanic practitioners address the spiritual aspects of illness on our behalf by working with compassionate, helping spirits to restore balance, harmony, and life-essence vitality. It is their responsibility to alter their state of consciousness and perceive successfully what others do not. One of the distinguishing characteristics of the shamanic practitioner is the ability to move back and forth at will between ordinary reality (OR) and non-ordinary reality (NOR) with discipline and purpose in order to heal and help others. The shaman does a diagnostic journey to consult with the spirits to determine what type of healing is appropriate for the client. It may be a soul retrieval, a soul remembering, a power animal retrieval, shamanic counseling or general spiritual healing.

Soul Loss

Animals and people experience soul loss in many ways. Each individual spirit has its own definition of ‘trauma’, but some of the common causes are near-death experiences, extreme illness or injury, surgery, loss of a loved one, war time stress, or any kind of abuse. As a survival mechanism, parts of the soul may leave during the event, helping the psyche cope with the experience. Some of the symptoms that may reflect this are extreme anxiety, chronic depression or fear, chronic illness, dissociation, aggression or just the feeling that one is scattered or ‘not playing with a full deck’. A person might say, “I’ve never been the same since…”

Soul Retrieval

Acting on the concept that you can’t heal what isn’t there, the shaman journeys to find and bring back those soul parts that are needed to make the person or animal ‘whole’ again. Thus we no longer need to look externally to fill those empty spaces inside ourselves.

Soul Remembering

Often, the problem is more that we don’t know what we are supposed to be doing in this lifetime. We have forgotten our purpose or life-mission and feel a need or intense desire to be doing something—we just don’t know what. The healing procedure is very similar to the soul retrieval, except that the shaman journeys to divine the person’s true essence or spirit and brings back a symbol that the person can use to focus purpose, intentions and actions.

Power Animal Retrieval

One cause of illness is personal power loss. Each of us has a power animal or guardian spirit that protects us and assists us with gifts, talents and strengths. Power animals will assist us with our life’s lessons but they may leave us for various reasons causing a loss of personal power. Typical symptoms of power loss may be chronic depression, chronic illness, addiction or chronic misfortune. The shaman journeys to look for a guardian spirit who is willing to come and give power to this person again restoring balance and harmony.

Shamanic Counseling

Traditionally, the shaman has worked in cooperation with the spirits on behalf of the client. Shamanic counseling is a method that restores spiritual power and autonomy to the individual through direct access to the wisdom of their own helping, compassionate spirits. Clients are trained to journey to get answers to personal questions and help with problems in their daily lives. Shamanic counseling is a system of personal empowerment. The shamanic practitioner acts as a facilitator, working one-to-one, to help clients establish their own relationships with their spirit guides. The counselor-facilitator’s constant responsibility is to help clients acquire their own divination journeying skills and interpretations. This method can be remarkably effective in helping people assume and employ their own personal power in solving problems and answering important questions in their lives.

Heart-Based Clearing, Depossession and Curse Unraveling

Sometimes a person who has experienced soul loss or other traumas may find that they have become a host to suffering beings or entities who may live off of a person’s energy and influence them in a variety of ways. Heart-based clearing or depossession is a humane therapy that benefits both the client and the attached suffering being, even if that suffering being is reluctant to cross into the Light. Curse unraveling frees the person from negative energy that has been directed to them by someone else, intentionally or not.

How To Get Started

The wounded spirit can feel overwhelmed by life in general and problems can seem insurmountable. My own experiences with our western medical culture have shown me that there are many ways to address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dis-ease. The same is true for our animal companions. Physical illness is often a manifestation of an underlying mental, emotional or spiritual energy imbalance. I have found that Shamanic healing is a wonderful support for medical or veterinary care as it addresses the emotional and spiritual issues that may be blocking total healing. The intention is to bring all aspects of our being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, into balance. Harmony within creates harmony without.

The easiest place to start is with a diagnostic journey. After a short phone consultation I will ask my power animals and spiritual teachers what type of healing would be most helpful for you at this time. You then decide how you would like to proceed.

To initiate this shamanic healing process contact me at 763-444-8146 or use the Contact Us form.

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